Right Expertise

Unite Service Consultants India Pvt Ltd is a design consultancy organization established by young and creative experts to overcome any issues between regularly changing requirements of building industry and current design requirements.

Team have done many projects for Reputed Indian/International Clients and Architects. Thus, we have the expertise of knowing the latest working from different parts of the Country which will be useful to deliver a project with International vision without having to appoint International Consultants at high cost.

Right Experience

Unite Service Consultants India Pvt Ltd is a gathering of specialists, all from the Building Services Engineering Industry, with an aggregate experience over all of several years served at senior positions in different organizations in India.

Our team having high level of professional competency in designing and delivering various buildings, which will be of immense help in completing the project to high standards.

Provide Clash Free Design

Since we have MEP expertise in house, we ensure that all requirements as required for MEP are vetted by our in-house team so as to avoid delays in coordination with other specialized consultants/architects, leading to savings in time.

We are also exclusively working on BIM platform for our projects based on the requirement of the client. This helps us internally to leverage the benefits of BIM like clash detection, quantities etc., which are well known in the industry.

Time, Quality and cost-conscious Team and Design

At the outset we quickly assess all information and with our experience and ability, our team will prepare plans which extends beyond the limits of traditional design.

Our USP is customer focused and delivery on time, as can be seen from the various testimonials attached herewith and the number of repeated projects which stand testimony to the high level of trust with which we are held by our clients.

Well verse with Codes and Standards

Our team is well conversant with the interpretation and implementation of International and National Codes and Standards and local authority requirements.

We design the buildings that are receptive to the challenging requirements of the industry needs. We provide simple and cost-effective design without deviating code requirements and functional requirements of the client and architect.

Innovation and Value Addition

At Unite Service Consultants India Pvt Ltd, innovation and value engineering is embedded in our way of working, through which we bring the most optimum and suitable solution to the project adhering to the client requirement and architects vision.

Today, sustainability has become a key concept in economic, social and other policies of developed and developing countries. Our team have in depth of knowledge for designing sustainable building design such as use of natural energy resources, zero water discharge etc.

Complete Project Cycle Support

Our scope of work does not end with the submission of deliverables as mentioned in the contract. In fact, we offer unconditional support throughout the project cycle to ensure that the client gets the maximum value.